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Reporting & Dashboards

Key Survey offers many levels of reporting options that make data analysis accessible and understandable for both high level executives and non-technical users. From basic charts and graphs to professional BI Dashboards, the drill-down technology employs the power of visual analysis to make your data more insightful, interactive, and actionable.

Basic Reporting

Each Key Survey account includes our basic reporting suite, which allows you to quickly share insights with your colleagues and customers via a link or export them in multiple formats.

View modes

See aggregated data in a Summary mode. Switch to Report by Respondent to view individual survey responses.


Choose data filters, show or hide report sections, add crosstabs and calculations, define graph and chart types, and apply your company’s branding.

Data Export

Print or export reports and data slices in the format of your choice: PDF, CSV, XLS, or SPSS.


Dashboards streamline the reporting process and enable you to conduct deeper analysis, leading to better, data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Updates

Analyze collected data in real time to see what’s happening right now across your organization.

Large Volumes of Data

Dashboards can crunch large volumes of data in seconds. Calculate results for 1,000,000+ completed forms with ease without sacrificing performance.


Dashboards were designed to be mobile friendly and feature scalable visuals that look great on any screen size, including tablets, desktop monitors, and smartphones.

BI Dashboards

Integrate collected data from Key Survey with any third-party BI tool. If you don’t currently have a BI tool, our engineers can build one for you.

Trend Tracking

Track trends and compare performance and quality over time, by location, or on a case-by-case basis.

Data Mapping

Visualize data on a map and drill down into data sets to understand if things are getting better or worse by region, inspection type, and more.

Deeper Analysis

Feed data from multiple sources into a single, centralized repository.


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