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Logic & Branching

Key Survey offers a variety of logic features that let you customize each respondent’s path based on their responses. That pattern will vary based on the rules you define for each respondent.

Logic Types

  • Skip Logic: changes which question or page the respondent sees next based on their response to each question.
  • Branch logic: guides respondents through a survey displaying questions only pertaining to them based on previous responses.
  • Branch on range logic: similar to traditional branch logic with the added feature of assigning a value to individual answer options.
  • Show/hide logic: lets you display (or hide) a question based on a criteria you define.
  • Interactive logic: a more advanced version of branch logic that dynamically show/hides questions on the same page.
  • Advanced logic: similar to branch logic with the added functionality of supporting multiple conditions.

Enhancing the survey experience

Like a conversation, a questionnaire needs to maintain a consistent and appropriate flow that engages the respondent from beginning to end. Key Survey’s logic and branching options ensure an optimal survey flow, creating a foundation for better survey analytics.

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