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Access Levels & Permissions

Key Survey combines the power of workflow with the organization of workgroups to help you define, assign, and manage access levels and permissions. Sophisticated administrative controls couple with a user-friendly interface to ensures that you maintain the integrity and sensitivity of your data.

Access Levels & Permissions

Controlled Access

Key Survey provides several layers of security allowing for complete management authority:

  • Application Admins: Enterprise admins that have control over the application and its accounts, including adding/deleting accounts, setting up feature sets for each individual account, and managing credits and expiration dates. Available for self-hosted or private labeled subscriptions.
  • Account Admins: These users are responsible for creating and managing sub-accounts. They can be one of two types:
    • Multi-Access Account: Multi-Access Account Admins are application users that have access to the same account with different permissions. They can configure access for each particular user by granting access to specific surveys/campaigns, and assigning permissions to read, edit, delete, launch surveys, and view collected data. Assigned privileges can be on the individual or group level.
    • Multi-User Account: Multi-User Account Admins have access to their own accounts. They can create/delete sub-users, manage credits for each user, grant access to corporate templates and designs, approve/deny survey launches, and access a sub-user’s account log.
  • Application Users: Application users are single-user or sub-account individuals that work on the application’s backend within their given feature set, rights, and permissions. Among other things, they can create, set up, and publish surveys, manage respondents and panels, view collected data and manage survey reports.
  • Portal Users: Portal Users are end-users with login credentials for the online/offline portal or mobile/desktop app. Their application rights (including which surveys they’re allowed to see) are managed by the Application User. Each Portal User has access to a personal set of surveys specifically assigned to them.

For larger enterprises, single sign-on and LDAP integration enables Key Survey to be tethered in to the centralized access point you have in place for all business systems.

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