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Campaign Management

There are more demands on the enterprise today than ever before. This rapidly changing business landscape offers unlimited projects that can potentially drain resources away from focusing on core-business objectives. Leveraging Key Survey’s Professional Services team will ensure you continue to enjoy maximum potential from your own teams.

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We Are Here to Help You With:

Building a survey

  • Recreate a survey based on your specifications (or with the help of our market research team)
  • Customize question logic to facilitate the most efficient respondent experience possible
  • Configure email alerts, invitations, reminders, etc.
  • Configure password and/or auto-fill fields

Launch Survey

  • Upload distribution lists based on user-provided data or from purchased panel respondent invites
  • Customize autofill data file based on user specification
  • Scrub distribution list for proper syntax and proper domain name spelling (by checking mail server records)
  • Manage launch timing and volume

Bounce Back Management

  • Provide detailed reports on Unknown domains, non-existent addresses, full mailboxes, Auto-replies, Blocked invites, etc.

Custom Report Creation

  • Key Survey Report Management
  • Assign values/labels to the answer options according to specification
  • Add statistical values to the report
  • Insert custom text and images, modify existing copy and charts. Create cross-tabs
  • Setup and manage filters according to user specifications (by answer options, dates, e-mail addresses). Customize filter logic
  • Add time-series reporting
  • Create remote filter (allow to provide access to report with filters without providing access to the account)
  • Excel/Word/Access Report Creation
  • Build charts/graphs/statistics/etc. according to specification

QlikView Dashboard Report Creation

  • Consultation on how BI Dashboards can best be used to visually represent data
  • Creation and hosting of completely customized web-based business intelligence dashboard to specification

Upload Legacy Data for Trending

  • Upload responses to Key Survey application form file prepared in specified format
  • Prepare/edit file to meet uploading specifications

Data Export and Report Delivery

  • Provide a file (.*.csv, Excel, SPSS or XML) that contains respondent level exported data
  • Schedule and conduct distribution of data files and/or reports


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