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Mobile Surveys

Key Survey’s convenient mobile software has revolutionized the way surveys are conducted, analyzed, and shared from the field. Designed specifically for the mobile workforce, our unique offline functionality dramatically improves (and simplifies) the process of performing in-person feedback collection surveys - and integrating that data directly into your systems.

Key Survey delivers mobile solutions from mobile optimized surveys to individual mobile apps that are:

  • Responsive: Surveys look great and operate well on all devices, with large mobile-friendly buttons, inputs, and controls
  • Interactive: Dynamic on-page logic, lookup, and validation. Capture and markup photos, add notes and digital signatures
  • Intelligent: Intuitive features let you pre-fill sections with existing data, score surveys, assign values, and track via GPS
  • Offline-compatible: Surveys may be taken offline via Android, iOS, and Windows Desktop before auto-syncing when Internet is available
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No Limits

Unlike the competition, there are no limits to how users can submit questionnaires and feedback with Key Survey.

Submissions may be made:

  • On a desktop, tablet, or phone
  • From a web browser or via app
  • While the user is online or offline

Mobile Survey Design

Key Survey offers a wide assortment of customizable templates to get your mobile surveys up-and-running. A variety of touch friendly features enhance the layout and provide the optimal user experience on any mobile device. We can also design your own mobile-optimized template to reflect your custom branding.

Mobile Workforce and Back Office Integration

Closing the gap between field workers and backend systems is the key to any successful feedback collection operation. You need to eliminate any potential for inaccuracies, loss of data, or miscommunications that could occur when field workers send information back to the office, especially during jobs where internet access is spotty.

To achieve this, Key Survey:

  • Saves all collected data (even while offline) to the cloud or directly to the device
  • Ensures any information gathered on-site is fed seamlessly back into backend systems
  • Initiates processing, reporting, and other automated events such as workflows


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