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Hosting Options

WorldAPP solutions are available through the following delivery models, SaaS (Software-as- a-Service), Shared Platform SaaS, Dedicated Server, and On-Premise (Self-Hosted). We provide our customers the ability to select whichever hosting method makes sense depending on specific business needs and technology requirements.

option 1

Shared Platform SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

WorldAPP's SaaS delivery model lets you take advantage of the power of the WorldAPP platform without the costs associated with installation and maintenance. The hosted environment insulates your organization from time-consuming set up processes, allowing you to use the platform more quickly.

The advantages of WorldAPP's on-demand solution include:

  • Fast implementation
  • Lower initial cost
  • No IT required
  • Painless upgrades and most recent stable functionality always available
  • No maintenance Guaranteed uptime and performance

option 2


While many enterprises are quick to jump on the SaaS bandwagon, there are still several companies looking for self-hosted solutions, primarily due to integration or security requirements. WorldAPP’s Self-Hosted solution provides full access to your application while containing it within your organization’s infrastructure. It’s also supported by experienced operations consultants and thorough documentation.

The advantages of WorldAPP's Self-Hosted solution include:

  • Control
  • Security
  • Flexibility (choose software, hardware, platform, etc)

Self-Hosting Services

  • Installation - installing the application on your servers
    • Prepare the installation package
    • Prepare the installation instructions
    • Provide guidance and support during installation (live chat, phone, Go-to-Meeting)
  • Maintenance - updating the application after the new release
    • Prepare update files (patches and upgrades)
    • Prepare update instructions
  • Consulting - providing advice and guidance needed to achieve superior results
    • Advise on software and hardware configuration to meet specific/unique requirements
    • Advice on DB server configuration to optimally work with KS application
    • Advice on network and firewall configuration


Private Label

Both SaaS and Self-Hosted models are available as Private Label. The Private Label package lets you customize your solution to meet your brand identity needs.


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