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API & Integration Capabilities

With over a decade of continued development and experience, Key Survey’s API has become one of the most powerful and flexible in the industry.


  • Bi-directional Integrations: Enable data to flow in all directions, creating and updating data in any system you have in place, such as HR Portals and CRM systems.
  • Single Sign-on: No need to generate more passwords. Single sign-on lets users enter a single username/password combination to log into all of the applications they use.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting: Data collected from your surveys can be easily fed into dynamic BI Dashboard programs, such as Salesforce, in real time.
API & Integration Capabilities

Whether your goal is to unify all of your survey tools into a single survey platform, or to integrate an enterprise-level survey suite into your existing enterprise IT infrastructure, the Key Survey platform provides the power and flexibility needed to get the job done.

Web Services API

Key Survey’s Web Services API provides business logic and data integration between your Key Survey account and other applications.

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Web services API lets you:

  • Publish surveys
  • Modify and manage existing surveys
  • Extract itemized survey data
  • Create and manage users and tasks
  • Manage the data objects within Key Survey
  • Trigger actions in the Key Survey platform

Our APIs are based on SOAP standards and may be used from applications written in virtually any programming language, including .NET, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and others.

Push Notifications

Immediately after a survey is submitted, push notifications let Key Survey send data to external applications and systems by issuing HTTP(s) requests to a third party system. Notifications may contain survey data within the request that is being sent, so an external system is instantly aware of which survey has been submitted, who submitted it, and what data they have entered. Push notifications are perfect for real-time integration scenarios.

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Data Export and Import Capabilities

Large volumes of data can be moved to and from Key Survey in a convenient format using our data export and import capabilities.

Collecting data from completed surveys:

  • By requesting data from Key Survey
  • By scheduling the delivery of data to a secure FTP location
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Either way, the data delivered may be pre-filtered to only include records that have recently changed or are of particular interest at the moment.

The following export formats are supported:
Key Survey may also be scheduled to import data from external systems on scheduled basis.

JavaScript API

Key Survey’s JavaScript API enhances the user’s experience, letting them easily manipulate their survey appearance and structure.

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Survey elements are easily accessed via a comprehensive list of JavaScript objects and functions, to preform simple or complex manipulations. These features are perfect for customizing the look and feel of a survey, and for adding custom, real- time, same page logic.

Single Sign-On Capabilities

Key Survey provides Single Sign-On capabilities in the cloud using SAML 2.0. This lets Key Survey integrate with Microsoft Active Directory using Federation Services (ADFS), CA SiteMinder, and other access directory systems that support SAML 2.0.

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The Key Survey API is easy to use and accompanied by extensive documentation. It can be used by developers and IT professionals to implement your organization’s specific integration needs. If your IT colleagues do not have the time or resources to build custom scripts, Key Survey will provide an experienced team of professionals to either help you along the way or complete the entire custom project for you.


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