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Employee Engagement

A more responsive enterprise is one that listens. Key Survey’s performance review software and employee engagement solutions provide the tools you need to measure and understand your employee’s attitude, commitment, motivation and satisfaction. With this data, you can act quickly and effect change ensuring your employees are provided an optimal work environment that encourages participation and productivity.

  • Creating Employee Surveys
    • Create surveys from scratch with Key Survey’s user friendly interface and controls
    • Enhance the user experience with logic and workflow functionality
    • Maintain brand consistency with Key Survey’s customization options
  • Administer Employee Surveys
    • Send unique survey links via email to each of your employees included in the program
    • Administer via the web with a unique web address for each participant
    • Allow for complete participant anonymity
    • Enhance user experience with logic and workflow
  • Analyze Employee Feedback
    • Get real-time access to submitted survey results
    • Segment and drill down in to charts, graphs, crosstabs, even word clouds
    • For more powerful analytics, implement a BI Dashboard customized to your specific reporting requirements

Configure the Employee Engagement Solution your business needs

With Key Survey you can implement a solution that captures various types of employee feedback data including:

  • HR Onboarding Applications
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • New Hire Surveys
  • Skills Assessment Surveys
  • Manager Effectiveness Surveys
  • Exit Surveys

Enterprise Portals and Employee Feedback Management

Key Survey is best known for its ability to tackle the most complex employee survey solutions that larger enterprises are looking for. Key Survey’s team of experts will get in the trenches with you to define, develop and deploy full scale enterprise portal that becomes the hub for all employee-related data collection and document management. Configure the various access levels and permissions that ensure the right people have access to the right documents, information and/or reports.

Enterprise portals provide the electronic environment you need to:

  • Monitor and enhance communication across the company
  • Automate collaboration between people, departments and programs
  • Improve productivity and encourage participation
  • Become more responsive to changing conditions and employee morale


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