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Custom solutions

Out of the box software solutions rarely work for large enterprise operations. The wide range of programs, departments, people and other stakeholders sharing various sets of data require unique configurations to improve the flow of information and automate collaboration.

Say goodbye to build versus buy.

With over a decade of experience delivering custom large-scale solutions to Fortune 500’s, Key Survey has become the most attractive option for enterprises with complex data collection needs and short time frames.

Specialized for Your Industry

  • Flexible core technology
  • Highly skilled Professional Services team with years of experience

Your industry is highly specialized; so is your enterprise solution powered by Key Survey. Work with a team of solution experts to define, develop and deploy the custom software application you need with the individualized capabilities, reports and features your business process requires.

High Availability for Anywhere, Anytime Access

  • Collect and manage data anywhere
  • Advanced features for streamlining collaboration when offline

Run your custom application online, offline and on any device. Key Survey was one of the first to market with mobile functionality that let you move data collection to the cloud and work offline without skipping a beat. Years later, that mobile and mobile-offline technology has become the most advanced available to companies looking to transform their data-driven field operations.

Exclusive Plugin Functionality

  • Prebuilt extensions of the core technology
  • Extensive library of plugins enable fast delivery times

Key Survey offers a full-service plugins library that lets you bolt-on the additional functionality you need inside your ideal solution. From Google Maps to Custom Scoring Calculation, you can choose from a long list of plugins and save time and money getting to a fully developed solution that works exactly as you need it to.

Our Approach

Given the highly customized nature of enterprise solutions, the experts at Key Survey will generate a proof-of-concept (POC) at no cost to you, giving you the ability to test drive your solution before you have to make any decision. Get started today with a free consultation with a solutions expert.


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