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Demonstrable Proof of Customer Satisfaction

Satellite Laboratory Services

Satellite Laboratory Services does important work in a tough industry - they compete nationwide in a market dominated by two much bigger companies. It doesn’t help that their field, kidney dialysis, is heavily-regulated; the clients know that anyone they go to will do much the same work at an acceptable quality level. So Satellite Laboratory Services differentiates themselves competitively by the quality of their customer service - and to gather proof of that quality, they used Key Survey.

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"One of our big differentiators is service," said marketing director Lisa Alms. "Which is very vague and hard-to-measure. I was trying to use the survey to get some measurable results and some quotes. I wanted hard numbers that I could take to market."

Online surveying can get you whatever information you’re looking for.

Satellite Laboratory Services provides its services to independent kidney dialysis facilities and hospital-based dialysis facilities throughout the United States.. Satellite Laboratory Services customers manage their laboratory services and patient test results through a Web-based program Satellite provides called LabCheck. LabCheck is used everyday. Alms wanted to reach her customers easily and did so by putting a link to the survey inside the Web-based LabCheck page. For each survey completed, she promised respondents a $5 Starbucks gift card.

The survey was designed to get a general picture of how Satellite Laboratory Services’ customers viewed the company - and to gather publishable comments and usable proof that their service was good. It asked about Satellite Laboratory Services responsiveness and efficiency, and customers’ opinions of various aspects of the LabCheck information system.

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"The beauty of the online survey," Alms said, "is that it is extremely cost effective - not only from a delivery standpoint but also on the statistical analysis side once the responses come in." "Designing the survey was easy and I had all the flexibility I needed. And it was easy for our customers to complete as well which helps with the response rate."

Once she had the data, several hundred responses, Alms read it all inside of Key Survey, taking the relevant statistics and the best quotes from the reports that are automatically generated. Using the export features of Key Survey she exported to Excel the address information the customers gave for sending their Starbucks gift cards and printed directly to mailing labels.

Read your results inside Key Survey. Or export them to another format.

The data itself, Alms used in a number of ways. Quotes were posted on Satellite Laboratory Services Web page, and she had several valuable percentages to quantify her customer support. It also gave her leads on particular clients to approach for her own case studies - allowing her to provide more specific details of how Satellite Laboratory Services benefited particular clients.

"I was looking for hard facts that I could go to the marketplace with to try to measure this vague thing called ‘service’," said Alms. "Everyone says ’we have great customer service, we have industry-leading customer service’, but they can’t prove it. And one way to prove that is with a survey like ours. Key Survey gave us a means to do that, to get that proof and those quotes."


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