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Gathering Actionable Data for Corporate Clients


ObjectiveQuest, a market research company based out of Martha’s Vineyard, specializes in bringing actionable marketing information to advertising agencies and major corporate clients.

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"I am currently using a fabulous online tool that gives me enormous flexibility to capture our data," company CEO Alan Ganapol says about Key Survey on the ObjectiveQuest website. "What I really like about using the online survey tool is that the entire team can be involved in the process from questionnaire development to seeing the data come in."

Key Survey is online - allowing your clients and co-workers to actively collaborate at every stage.

"One of the things I find so useful about Key Survey," Ganapol said, "is that it then becomes a collaborative effort on my part with the client, so that they see what we’re actually doing as we go about developing the questionnaire process."

ObjectiveQuest gathers information in a number of ways - through focus groups and in-depth one-on-one interviews as well as online surveying. Due to the speed and convenience of the Web, a large and growing percentage of this data-gathering is online. And all their online surveying is handled with Key Survey.

Online surveying is fast and convenient.

Ganapol’s firm was one of the first to attempt surveys online. Originally they used an ad-hoc product, put together with the help of their telephone interviewing service. When Ganapol heard about Key Survey, he jumped at the idea of a professional solution to his needs.

"In those very early days when we were sending the concepts to respondents by email, it was my thought that we’d be able to do something like that," he said. "Rather than having a human being add something to a data-gathering program, we could do it directly."

Branching and skip logic allow you to ask only the questions that you need to.

ObjectiveQuest uses a number of Key Survey’s features, most notably branching. Branching, where different answers lead to different subsequent questions, allows a questionnaire to drill down and examine the reasons behind a respondent’s answers. It leads to more information in a shorter survey - and a higher response rate.

"We do a lot of skip patterns," said Ganapol. "For a while we were using branch on range, and that was working out pretty well. Then we started using branching. Both are useful in being able to do what you want. It’s wonderful."

Ganapol learned Key Survey quickly. On the rare occasions when he did need help learning how to do something, Key Survey’s tech support was on hand.

"They’re great," Ganapol said. "They’ve been marvelously helpful, and that’s been great."

"I’m extremely happy with Key Survey," he said. "It’s really helped our business."


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