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Improving Student Recruitmet and Retention

Education Adelaide

Education Adelaide is a state-run agency that serves as the primary marketing body for schools and colleges in South Australia. Run by the state departments of Trade, Tourism, and Education, the City of Adelaide, and various colleges and universities, the group recruits and supports the growing numbers of international students who want to study in Adelaide, South Australia.
"Our goals are basically to market and brand the state as an educational destination of excellence," says market analyst Andre Amrein. "We also provide support to international students once they’re here."

144 North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia

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A need for flexibility and online access

Education Adelaide wanted to do the following:

  • Retain existing students
  • Recruit new ones
  • Get more funding

In order to accomplish those goals, the organization needed feedback from stakeholders, students, and marketing event attendees. However, with respondents scattered around the world, gathering feedback in a timely and efficient manner would present a unique challenge.

"We were looking for a survey software tool that was flexible," says Amrein. "It didn’t necessarily have all the requirements to load the software onto our own servers. We were looking for remote hosting flexibility and online access."

Key Survey satisfies the need with versatility, ease-of-use and online functionality

Here are a few key benefits that Education Adelaide derives from using Key Survey:

The versatility to gather feedback for any purpose.

Education Adelaide has a specific purpose in mind when it creates its ideal survey. "It’s predominantly a feedback survey in a lot of ways, for our own measurement of our success and return-on-investment and that sort of thing," says marketing coordinator Danielle Jervis. With Key Survey, Education Adelaide gathers feedback for a number of purposes, including:

  • Improving marketing events
  • Getting feedback from stakeholders regarding key performance indicators
  • Making key decisions based on member feedback
  • Increasing student retention rates based on student feedback
  • Online functionality makes it easy to conduct a survey anytime, anywhere

Many of Education Adelaide’s respondents are overseas at the time they’re surveyed. With Key Survey, Education Adelaide can still easily reach everyone by conducting surveys via email. In addition, the web-based interface enables anyone with a browser to design, deploy, and respond to a survey. This means that you can collect your data from just about anywhere and have it at your fingertips in no time.

Flexible question types and anonymity add value to responses.

"Key Survey gives us a lot of valuable data," says Andre Amrein. "Often people provide an insight that you hadn’t thought about, or little areas that you can put in on new strategies. That’s been useful, because you don’t always get that information in a face-to-face format." Much of this in-depth feedback comes from two important features of Key Survey: flexible question types and the option for respondents to remain anonymous.

First, survey creators can frame their inquiries in just about any way they want by choosing from 13 question types, from text responses to ranking scales. As a result, respondents have more freedom and flexibility in giving honest answers to questions.

In addition, respondents have the option to remain anonymous. This feature enables them to speak their mind without fear of negative reactions from administrators, supervisors, or co-workers.

A ringing endorsement

Overall, Key Survey’s extensive functionality and ease-of-use have done wonders for Education Adelaide. "I think Key Survey is a fantastic tool," says Danielle Jervis. "It makes our lives easier, that’s for sure."


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