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Advanced Document Systems & Supply

Advanced Document Systems has been in the business of importing and distributing binding machines, laminating machines, paper cutters, and paper handling equipment and supplies since 1994. They have 2 locations to ship from and pride themselves on total customer satisfaction. They have a strong dealer network and support the end user on various products as well.

Advanced Document Systems & Supply, Inc.
701 E. Gardena Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90248 USA

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ADSS is a specialized market research company focusing on payers, manufacturers and intermediaries in the healthcare business. Using Key Survey, their work - gathering detailed information from high-level professionals and specialists - has become quicker, easier and more efficient.

"We use it for surveys - benchmarking and customer satisfaction ones," said Daryl Mattox, principal. "Before Key Survey, we basically used hard copy - fax surveys and paper. Sometimes a form version in Word, a survey in forms mode. Many people had a hard time doing that and we had a lot of problems, and also the development time was quite lengthy."

Key Survey is specialized survey software - easy to learn and to use.

With Key Survey’s short learning curve, however, designing useful surveys became easy for Mattox and his staff.

"It’s saved me money," Mattox said, "in survey development. Because when you do a survey in Word, doing text-boxes and tables, that’s a lot of work. Whereas my admin people learned how to use Key Survey in a matter of an hour or two, and in one afternoon completed a survey that had 23 questions and 8 screens, using 3D drop-downs and all those things. The learning curve was very quick with the whole product - before, it would have taken us a week."

Email reminders improve your response rate - with very little work on your end.

Because most of the people ADSS interviews are high-level, maximizing the response rate is important. Mattox only has a finite number of leads, and it’s essential for him to get the most responses out of that number. For that, Key Survey’s email reminders are very helpful.

"A lot of people miss the first email," he said. "Reminders save a lot of emailing, FedExing and faxing. So the reminders only go to the people who haven’t completed it. That makes it really, really simple to send out the reminders. It alone has saved me twelve to twenty hours."

Key Survey makes surveying easy - letting you focus on what you do best.

Key Survey has significantly helped ADSS’s efficiency, helping them get better results faster. It’s also allowing them to approach new fields.

"I’m going to use it to survey people for interest in new research endeavors to benefit our business, as well as their 2006 sales and marketing needs and their market concerns," Mattox said. "I’m a small company competing with major companies who charge a hundred times what I do, but even then, the big companies use my services as well, for one-off projects. And by having this kind of technology, it gives me the positioning - it makes me look like a state-of-the-art company."


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