Idaho Bureau of Laboratories
Sentinel Laboratory Preparedness Survey #3-2015


The Idaho Bureau of Laboratories appreciates your participation in the Sentinel Laboratory Preparedness Survey.  The objectives of this survey are:

    1. to assess the ability of sentinel laboratories to recognize agents of biological threat and emerging microbial pathogens.
    2. to assess the laboratory's resources available to perform testing related to potential biothreat (BT) agents.

    This survey includes an annual exercise to test packaging and shipping of infectious substances.  This exercise is optional and, per federal regulations, proficiency test specimens may only be sent as Category B, even if it is a suspected Category A agent.

    Information gathered from this survey will be used to evaluate and improve laboratory preparedness. It serves as a benchmark to determine the effectiveness of training provided to you and indicates how we may better serve you in the future.

    All results are confidential; results are not graded.  Following the survey, participating labs will receive a summary report which will include your laboratory's responses, the intended answer, and aggregate survey results. 

    To test communications between Laboratory Response Network (LRN) Sentinel Laboratories and Idaho’s LRN Reference Laboratory (IBL), exercise participants are required to contact their LRN Reference Laboratory if, after performing the established Sentinel Level Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Guidelines on an isolate, they are unable to rule out an agent of bioterrorism.  Please call or email Wendy Loumeau at 208-334-0558 or if you were unable to rule out a select agent for this challenge.  These guidelines are found at

    If a sentinel lab is unable to rule out a select agent on real samples, they are required to notify their LRN reference laboratory prior to sending samples. 

    LRN Reference Laboratory contact information for this challenge: Wendy Loumeau at 208-334-0558 or