EVENT REQUEST FORM - – Michael S. Rawlings MAYOR

Please read carefully
:  Fill in the appropriate fields to request Mayor Rawlings’ participation in an upcoming event. Requests must be received in our office four to eight weeks in advance of the event. The more details you provide the better chance your request has of being accepted. It is important to understand that this form is NOT a confirmation of your request of the Mayor's participation.  All information submitted is subject to Texas Open Records law and may be disclosed to the public upon request.  

We make every effort to accept as many requests as possible. If your request is denied, duplicate submissions will not be considered. The Mayor receives hundreds of inquiries, and his schedule only allows for a limited number of events. We appreciate your understanding

A member of the Mayor’s staff will respond to your request as soon as possible. A run of show/agenda must be provided at least one week before the event. If one is not received, the Mayor’s participation may be canceled.


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