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Enterprise Data Collection

Key Survey enterprise solutions are a mashup of two, typically independent software components. The first is a service-orientated architecture (SOA) layer that facilitates a cloud-based environment for collecting large volumes critical enterprise data on any device, online or offline. The second piece is an automated information system (AIS) on the back-end that streamlines workflow, task management and data integration with third party systems and databases. Together, these tools and technologies give you the ability to transform data-driven operations and enhance collaboration across the enterprise.

Enterprise Data Collection

Surveys and Forms

Serving as the frontline of any automated process, Key Survey gives you the ability to create the electronic surveys and forms your business requires with the horsepower you need. Configure the questions, fields, dropdowns, page breaks and other elements your data collection instruments call for. Customize the look and feel with your own corporate branding styles or take it up a notch and utilize Key Survey’s white-label/private-label options that let you pass the solution as your own and with a unique URL. For more complex installations, application plugins and JavaScript capabilities let you extend the core technology and create the optimal user experience you need.

Surveys and Forms

Tasks and Workflow

What happens to the information once it is collected presents tremendous value for companies looking to improve efficiency and overall operational capacity. Key Survey offers advanced workflow features and task management functionality for automating the various interactions between people, departments and programs that your process requires. From simple follow up emails to event-based triggers and alerts, you have the ability to configure these actions to match and advance your existing business process infrastructure.

Data Integration

A typical enterprise uses many applications, which are usually not designed to work with one another out of the box. Key Survey’s flexible API allows for seamless integrations with existing systems to help organizations reach greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality.

Data Integration

Enterprise Portals (EPS)

An enterprise portal with Key Survey centralizes the interactions taking place between your people and processes and with the information and services that connect them. Work with a team of solution experts to define, develop and deploy an enterprise portal with the various access levels, permissions, web services and data collection modules your organization requires.

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