Application for Licensure of X-ray Producing Machines
Idaho Bureau of Laboratories
Radiation Control Program
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In compliance with the provisions of the Idaho Radiation Control Rules IDAPA 16.02.27, the Department of Health and Welfare requires licensure of all X-ray producing machines.  Please notify the Department within ten (10) days of any change in the following information.  This form can be found at on the Lab Certification and X-Ray Licensure page. Required fields are designated with a red asterisk (*).

Note:  Licensure does not imply approval or disapproval of installation.  Licensure does not indicate compliance with all Idaho regulations as applicable to x-ray producing machines.  Inspection reports should be kept as evidence of compliance. All new hospital, medical and chiropractic facilities MUST submit a shielding plan for approval prior to licensing.
By submitting this form, you are certifying that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
Form revised 9/2022
Note:  A facility or group of facilities under one administrative control that employs one or more full-time individuals whose positions are entirely devoted to in-house radiation safety may opt to pay a flat annual facility licensure fee of $1,000.

Standard license fee calculated by (# of tubes * $25) + $50.  Standard license applications must complete the X-ray Producing Machine Listing below. 
Do not remit payment with this application. A statement will be issued for fees.

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X-ray License Number:
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10 year license
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Please complete the following information:
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Annual License Fee:  $1,000
Standard License Fee
Standard License Fee
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Please attach any necessary documentation for your annual license.
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X-ray Producing Machine Listing 
Include ALL X-ray producing machines at your facility.