Herzing University 2011-2012 Presentation Request Form
Thank you for your interest! Please mark the presentation(s) that you would be interested in, which times you would like to have presented, and for what grade level.

Which Herzing campus is located closest to your high school?

Healthcare:  The Inside Story on the Fastest Growing Career Field - Applicable to healthcare related courses!  Help students explore the personality, skills, environments and career paths in all facets of healthcare.

Rewards of a Degree in Technology - It is great for ALL technology classes!  Since technology-based careers are anticipated to grow 28.8% through 2016, students should be aware of the wonderful opportunities that await them in this field.  Packed with multi-media and activities, this presentation is informatitive and fun. 

We're sorry - this presentation is not available at our Omaha campus.

Sales & Marketing:  How to Make Yourself Shine - Perfect for all business courses!  We discuss the daily uses and applications of sales and marketing, as well as careers that coincide, through multimedia and activities.

We're sorry - this presentation is not available at our Omaha campus.

Design-a-lution:  Pen to Pixel - Discover the history, industry and occupations of graphic design from the 1800's through today, through lecture, multi-media and several hands-on, creative projects and games.  Great for Art, Desktop Publishing, and Yearbook classes!

We're sorry - this presentation is not available at our Atlanta or Omaha campus.

Serve & Protect - Do students love your Sociology, Psychology, or Forensic Science course enough to make it a career?  This presentation discusses the exciting careers of homeland security and branches of public safety.

We're sorry - this presentation is not available at our Omaha campus.

Multiple Intelligence Theory - Howard Garner's theory with a career development twist.  We discuss 8 intelligences, define skills through an interactive play approach, take an assessment, and associate careers that match.  Perfect for career exploration!

The Plastic Piranha - A great tool for explaining the innate dangers of credit card misuse and how to properly use a credit card.  Presented through an interactive DVD game with remote 'Klickerz' for student participation.

Neurolinguistics - Did you know that 93% of one's attitude is communicated non-verbally?  This uniquely interactive presentation is designed to raise awareness of non-verbal communication usage and to establish the professional and social value of mastering these skills.  Useful information for all ages and courses!

Life after High School - A motivational presentation aimed to enlighten students with shocking statistics, survival strategies, and life skills.  Very interactive!  Great for Juniors and Seniors!

All About Herzing University (or Akron Institute/Omaha School of Massage & Healthcare) - We offer a wide variety of Associate, Bachelor, and Masters programs tailored to hands-on learners - offered within a flexible schedule.  Learn how to get a Bachelor degree in 3 years, our block schedule format, individual attention, and our top-notch career services department.