eBook: Transforming Pharmaceutical Packaging, Quality & Efficiency with Machine Vision

Imagine for a few moments the total number of pharmaceuticals being packaged every day, readied for patient consumption around the world. Perhaps too many to count accurately, and that is where machine vision comes in. Billions of doses are going out the door and for safety and quality’s sake each bottle, blister pack, vial, syringe—you name it—should be examined for defects, flawed labeling, and other issues.

This eBook discusses application of machine vision technologies that:

  • Improve drug safety

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Minimize error

  • Enhance compliance

  • Reducing validation and implementation costs

  • Save costs via labeling flexibility

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Do you have an upcoming project that will require automated visual inspection, defect detection, part alignment, or reading barcodes or characters on parts or labels?