Chemical Processing Special Report: Jacketed Heating

Reactor temperature control typically is very important to product quality, production rate and operating costs whether a processor is employing continuous or batch reactors. And with many process plants currently using steam or hot water to heat jacketed devices such as tanks, kettles, dryers, reactors, glass lined vessels, or similar adaptations such as coiled tubing placed inside or outside tanks or vessels – much emphasis is placed on achieving optimized control of these processes. In this Chemical Processing Special Report: Jacketed Heating we take a look at:

  • - Improve Batch Reactor temperature control - Understand the likely causes and fixes for common problems in reaching set points
  • - Rethinking Reactor temperature control - Cascade strategy offers simplicity and fast response
  • - Keeping cool when designing Batch Reactors - in designing such a unit, focus on effective temperature control to achieve optimum performance
  • - Consider Hot Water for Jacketed Heating - Hot water offers significant advantages over traditional steam-heated systems

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