CP’s Steam eHandbook: Generate Steam Savings

Spikes in energy costs or unplanned-for capital improvement expenses can put organizations in tricky financial situations. To solve them, they often select the option with the lowest upfront cost which leads to the “pay me now or pay me later” dilemma. Over time it’s discovered that these lower-priced alternatives cost much more due to higher failure rates, wasted energy and more intensive maintenance. This Chemical Processing Steam eHandbook presents steam technologies and strategies for reducing cost associated with using and generating steam including:

  • - How a Texas based plant pared steam consumption - Thinking differently about energy management lead to substantial savings
  • - Steam trap selection - A life cycle analysis approach can help reduce maintenance and prolong steam trap life
  • - DSI reduces steam consumption - A simple formula to determine steam demand with DSI heaters.

Learn how to generate savings through steam use and generation. Download your copy of this ChemicalProcessing Steam eHandbook now.

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