Career and Technical Education (CTE) Federal & State Funding Application and Intent to Apply for 2015-16
The Office of Public Instruction is combining the Carl D. Perkins Intent to Apply and the State CTE/Voed Funding Application. You can apply for one or both of the programs using this one form.


Carl D. Perkins provides funding to assist high schools in paying the additional costs of approved CTE programs.  CTE programs eligible for Perkins funding include: Agriculture education; Business education; Family and Consumer Sciences education; Health Sciences education; Industrial, Trades, and Technology education; and Marketing education. Programs must be taught by instructors endorsed in the respective curricular area. All high schools and K-12 districts with qualifying CTE programs are eligible to apply. Elementary districts are not eligible. For assistance, please contact the Career and Technical Education division at (406) 444-9019.

PLEASE NOTE: Districts will not receive a 2015-2016 Carl Perkins allocation unless this electronic ‘Intent to Apply’ is completed and submitted online by April 24, 2015.

Do you intend to apply for Perkins funds in FY2016?

For the Perkins grant, this LEA will be participating as a/an

Priority Approval Request. Select Yes if your LEA will need access to its FY16 funds prior to October 1, 2015. The Office of Public Instruction cannot guarantee projects will be approved by October 1, 2015.

Check the career and technical education programs you propose to offer in the 2015-2016 school year.
The End-of-Year report sections of your district's Carl D. Perkins application will also be used for your state CTE application. If your district only participates in the state CTE funding program, but not in the Carl D. Perkins funding program, please contact the CTE division at (406) 444-9019 to have a paper copy of the End-of-Year report sent to you.

This form must be submitted by the Authorized Representative (AR).

a. the AR is the Superintendent

b. if there is no Superintendent, the AR is the Principal

c. if there is no Superintendent or Principal, the AR is the County Superintendent or a person designated by the board chair appointed as the Approved Exception.

Please provide this information about the Authorized Representative, Perkins Primary Contact and Big Sky Pathway Counselor Contact for this school system.

By submitting this funding application/intent to participate form, I verify

 that I am the Authorized Representative for the above named district,
Indicate which program or programs your system is applying for with this application.
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It could take up to an hour before you receive the email.

Click here to review your answers or print a copy for your records. The review copy opens in a new window. Once you have reviewed and/or printed, you should close the review window to return here and submit. YOU MUST RETURN TO THIS SCREEN AND CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON IN ORDER FOR YOUR INTENT TO APPLY TO BE SENT TO THE OPI.