Compose E-mail

To compose your e-mail for invitation distribution, reminders, alerts or emailing report click the Edit E-mail button on respective page and and then:

  1. Indicate the 'from' address for your email. Default address is the email address of your account. You may also write your name along with the email address. To do this use the following format: "John Smith"<>
  2. Indicate an e-mail address where reply e-mails of the respondents will be sent to in the 'Send replies to' field.
  3. Write the subject for your e-mail in the 'Subject' field. The e-mail subject should be as interesting and powerful as possible in order to ensure your e-mail is opened. It is the first thing we read. Make sure it is clear and state the purpose of your survey, report, reminder or alert e-mail.
    Note: make sure "Subject" field does not contain brakes. It is not recommended to copy/paste "Subject" from external sources. These actions may corrupt your Invitation Email.
  4. Click the Attach Files link to attach a document to your e-mail when sending your survey or report, setting up an e-mail alert to respondent. You can attach more than one file. Click Attach file... to add new attach field. Then click the Browse button to select a file saved locally on your computer. Note that total size of all uploaded files should be under 4 MB.
    Keep in mind: This field is not available when you set an e-mail alert to survey owner and when you send an e-mail reminder.
  5. Use the following options to set the email priority:
    If you want to be notified when respondents recieve your invitation email select the "Request return receipts" option.
  6. Use a WYSIWYG editor to create and format your content. Like word processors, the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is equipped with a full text-editing interface;
  7. The e-mail body field contains placeholder text. You can use the following tags in the body of your invitational text:

  • If you set up an email alert in 'Alert to survey owner or other respondent' mode, list the email addresses to which this particular alert should be sent in the To and Bcc fields. Email addresses should be separated with commas.
  • Click the Test Email button to perform a test launch. Test emails will not be sent to the addresses indicated for the real launch, text field for providing email addresses to send test surveys will be initiated instead. Enter email for test separating them by commas and click Ok to confirm sending.
    This feature will show you how your survey invitation will look. Keep in mind when you submit surveys from test Manage Responses are not saved in your report, but are available within the test report on the survey "Test" page.
  • Click the Spell Check button to check the spelling of all the input text on this page.
  • Click Save to save your e-mail settings.
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