Subject Manager

Subject Manager is used to add subjects to the 360 survey.

If there have been no subjects added to your 360 survey yet, choose whether you want to add subjects from the shared list or to filter them from the Contact Manager.

  • Importing from Shared List. Select this option if you want to add subjects from the shared list.
    Select the list you want to import and click the Select List button. After Reviewing list items click Import List.
  • Filtering from the Contact Manager Select this option to add subjects from the Contact Manager by choosing appropriate contact group that contains filtered contacts. For more details see Contact Groups chapter.

Add Subjects Click this button to add subjects to your survey.

Edit Attached View Use this option to edit filter criteria of the selected View.

Update List If you want to bring into correspondence Subjects list and Contacts list use this option. System will check if there are any filtered out contacts in the Subjects list that do not appear in the Contacts list or if there are any filtered in contacts in the Contacts list that do not appear in the Subjects list.
If there are any you can choose which are needed to be updated and save changes by clicking the Save Checked Changes button.

List Property Click this button to edit list properties. For more details consult List Properties help chapter.

To manage subjects list mouse over on the arrow next to the column name.

  • Sort Ascending - sorts subjects ascendingly by selected column.
  • Sort Descending - sorts subjects descendingly by selected column.
  • Columns - check/uncheck columns you want to show/hide.

If your subjects list contains more than thousand subjects, list will be broken into pages. Use table navigation bar to navigate between pages or to refresh the list.

Delete Selected Click this button to delete selected subjects from the 'Subject Manager' list.
Export List exports subjects from the list to Excel.
Back Click this button to go back to the 'Subjects' page.